• Tech things I’m curious about (no particular order):

    JavaScript, TypeScript, React, developer productivity, component libraries, npm, code sharing, code review, bundlers, linters, compilers, node, semantic HTML, accessibility

  • Favourite quote on development I strive to live by:

    If you don’t understand why a piece of code works, you have no hope of understanding why it breaks, other than guesses

Some bio facts if you must:

  1. Got my first web developer job in 2007
  2. For the first little while, knew just enough JavaScript to be dangerous with jQuery
  3. Was actually quite happy mostly doing Rails for a few years. ❤️ Ruby
  4. Found React in 2015, ES6 just came out as well. Started getting more into front end, learning JS
  5. Fun contributing to eslint-plugin-react in 2018
  6. Finding myself excited by JS tooling, code sharing techniques, helping devs be productive in general
  7. Started this blog 🎉 Largely inspired by this sage advice:

    If you’ve ever considered writing a blog post but didn’t because it was already covered by other people, please reconsider.
    I’m searching for a tutorial on a topic and have passed on about 5 of them so far because their style doesn’t resonate with how I learn.
    We need options😊

  8. Whatever the future holds, chances are there is JavaScript in it